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Here's Our Story...

Cars 2nd Chance is about putting the proceeds of your vehicle donation to good use. Our mission is to change lives by maximizing contributions to charity from vehicle donations. Rotary volunteers manage the program by using their passion, energy, and creativity to ensure that nearly every penny earned goes to charity. 

David and Mary Kemnitz founded the program in 2011. That's when they realized the hard truth - most car donation programs are for-profit, and the charities get pennies on the dollar for donated vehicles.

The Cars 2nd Chance program ensures nearly all proceeds go to educational and charitable causes.

Mary and Dave Kemnitz
Rotary Volunteers

Making an Impact is at the heart of what we do.

Cars 2nd Chance was initially formed as a program within the Clayton Valley/Concord Sunrise Rotary Club. In 2020 Lamorinda Sunrise Rotary joined forces to operate the Cars 2nd Chance program, which had already become a success.

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