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  • Jennifer Filzen

5 Things You May Not Know About Car Donations

Car donations are AWESOME for obvious reasons. However, there are some lesser-known benefits to this kind of charity that are often left overlooked! This article will focus on the lesser-known ones and show you how beneficial for the world, car donations are!


  1. You are changing the world.

  • 100% Of your vehicle donations go to projects that matter all over the globe. You can even pick which projects you want to support by selecting a partner of ours after you donate! 

  • These projects involve schools, shelters for the homeless, food for the poor, and much more!


  • Even small donations can enact change! 

  • With car donations, you don’t have to go crazy and try to donate a ridiculous sum. We accept vehicles of all types, running or not! Every single donation makes a difference! 


  1. You’re doing yourself a favor.

  • Did you know that the people who give are, in the end, far happier and healthier than the people who don’t? Science data proves that giving increases our sense of well-being. Instead of indulging in complex productivity systems, giving things away is a far simpler self-help tool! :) 


  1. You are joining a global community.

  • Vehicle donations are getting extremely popular, and there are a TON of communities forming. If you haven’t found your tribe yet, car donations are fantastic opportunities to find peers like you!

  • Cars 2nd Chance is a program that Rotarians started in Concord, California. We know that through good deeds, we are helping others in our local and global communities.


  • You have a choice.

  • We are not looking for people to donate their Lambos (although we are open to that!). We are looking for people with enthusiasm and who want to make an impact. It is the desire, not the deed, that we reward.


If you want to buy a donated vehicle, give cash, or present a car to Cars 2nd Chance, now is a great time to share! Spring Cleaning and clearing out the clutter could inspire you to donate your unused vehicle and help someone recover from a natural disaster or receive food from the Food Bank. First, reach out to to donate a car that runs, or send an email to to donate a vehicle that does not run. We appreciate your love and support!


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