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  • Jennifer Filzen

A New Partner: Orinda Association

In this month's blog, we are featuring one of our new partners, the Orinda Association. Based in Orinda, California, the Orinda Association is a community-focused nonprofit that supports various local groups. They are a wonderful organization that participates in events such as:

  • Donate box meals to honor Contra Costa Hospital Workers

  • Orinda Volunteer Center

  • The Orinda Annual Classic Car Show

  • The annual Fourth of July Parade

  • Transportation for Seniors Around Town

  • The Orinda News

  • Cars 2nd Chance

  • Orinda Community Foundation

  • And many more…

Founded in 1946, the Orinda Association set out to improve life quality for those living in Orinda. They have multiple volunteer events that enhance the natural beauty, community-mindedness, and character of the Orinda community. The Orinda News is the local printed news delivered to every Orinda household for free, and it's available online.

Cars 2nd Chance is delighted to have the Orinda Association as a partner. On their website home page, they talk about our good deeds through monies raised by donated cars. If you want to buy a donated vehicle, give cash, or present a car to Cars 2nd Chance, now is a great time to share! Tax Day, spring cleaning, and the desire to clear out the clutter from your garage could inspire you to donate your unused vehicle. Your car or cash donation will help someone recover from a natural disaster or receive food from the Food Bank. First, reach out to to donate a vehicle that runs, or send an email to to donate a car that does not run. As always, we appreciate your love and support!


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