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  • Jennifer Filzen

A New Year and an Old Car

Photo by Vasilios Muselimis on Unsplash

With the first new day of the year comes a sense of new possibility. We can cast off old habits, old dynamics in favor of new ones just because the calendar change permits us. Back in 1991, singer George Michael shook his head at people resetting their lives by the change of a calendar in the song “Waiting for the Day,” in the line, Now everybody’s talking about this new decadelike you say the magic numberthen just say goodbye to the stupid mistakes you made

Personally, I like the simplicity of the ‘New Year, New Me’ approach. It grants us the power to start fresh with a sense of purpose. We hope we have learned from our mistakes, but more importantly, we continue to survive and thrive despite our missteps.

Here we are in January of 2022. Some folks have received new cars for Christmas, or pre-owned and lightly used cars, anyways. And while that seems a pretty expensive present, I can’t argue against it. It’s a beautiful idea. I just wonder: did you trade in that old car yet?

The amount of value that most people get for car trade-ins rarely helps the sale. You could donate the old car itself to a charitable organization like Cars 2nd Chance and then claim it off your taxes. It could be rescued by top mechanics, loved, and allowed to live on to support charities of Rotary Clubs across the nation. So before you trade a used car in for pennies on the dollar, consider donating it to Cars 2nd Chance!

Thanks for reading… we hope we've inspired someone out there to donate! If you want to buy a donated vehicle, give cash, or present a car to Cars 2nd Chance, now is a great time to share! Having a second look at your garage could inspire you to donate your unused vehicle and help someone recover from a natural disaster or receive food from the Food Bank.

First, reach out to to donate a car that runs, or send an email to to donate a vehicle that does not run. We appreciate your love and support!


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