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  • Jennifer Filzen

Behind The Scenes: How Do We Choose The Recipients Of Car Donations?

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Cars 2nd Chance’s mission has always been to help as many people as possible experience the beauty of life without being constrained by limits such as poverty and disease. However, we can’t do it alone, which is why we have partnered with so many Rotary clubs, trusts, and charitable organizations across the country!

Once you make a car donation, you’ll have the chance to select a partner from our partners’ list and support them and their community’s needs! The great thing about our partner’s list is that you cannot make the wrong choice-- every organization that we partner with puts your donation in the hands of someone worthy of your contribution.

Each and every one of our partners is dedicated to a cause and fights every day to ensure funding and support for it. Food shelters, Cancer research, non-profit, you name it, we probably have a partner for it! In turn, our partners will seek out worthy recipients from their local pool and choose someone whose situation can be improved with your donation.

The work and the impact we want to do is gigantic. Solving global problems is not about finding a singular solution, but solving the minor issues of thousands of local communities. We hope that you, too, can join us on this quest!

If you want to buy a donated vehicle, give cash, or present a car to Cars 2nd Chance, now is a great time to share! Having a second look at your garage could inspire you to donate your unused vehicle and help someone recover from a natural disaster or receive food from the Food Bank. First, reach out to to donate a car that runs, or send an email to to donate a vehicle that does not run. We appreciate your love and support!


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