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Innovative Proceed-Sharing Campaign Expands

About Cars2ndChance 50/50 Split Program

Before a vehicle is donated, typically a person will go to this website's Donation Form and fill out the information necessary to process the request. There is one addition that many people may not be aware. It's our 50/50 Split program. Here's how it works: A 501C3 non-profit meets with us and if the acceptance criteria is met, their non-profit is announced on this website and they are added to the Donation Form. On the Donation Form is a field labeled, "Select A Recipient". Currently 16 non-profits are participating in Cars2ndChance!

Dollar Donation is Maximized Let's say a donated vehicle we take to auction collects $2,000.  If a non-profit Recipient was selected among the 50/50  Split participants, $1,000 would go to that charity and $1,000 to Cars2ndChance and the Clayton/Concord Sunrise Rotary Club. You may be curious how much I get for a tax write-off. In this case, it's $2,000. Yes, that's right, a $2,000 tax deduction.

Why Donate to Cars2ndChance? It's simple -- everyone benefits:  the local community, local and international charities and of course, your pocketbook! Contact us with your questions and requests for pick-up of a vehicle, running or not.


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