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  • Daniel Kodam

Oakland RiteCare Childhood Language Center

Today’s children are tomorrow’s trailblazers, and innovators, and leaders, which makes their education and well-being of vital importance to the continued success of our society. Since 1983, the educational and speech-language therapists at Oakland RiteCare Childhood Language Center (formerly known as the Oakland Scottish Rite Childhood Language Disorders Center) have provided free services to pre-school to high school-aged kids and adolescents. Dedicated to supporting and assisting California’s children, they have invested time, resources, and care into our community’s youth that has improved thousands of children’s lives over the years.

Originally a philanthropy of the Scottish Rite, which is associated with the Freemasons, the Oakland RiteCare Childhood Language Center is one of the 170 Rite Care Centers across the United States. Located at Lake Merritt near downtown Oakland, this organization is a non-profit language and learning center passionate about its childhood language services, scholarships, and other charitable programs. This leading non-profit offers both neuroplasticity-based and reading interventions to children throughout California, as well as traditional speech and language therapy.  With a team dedicated to childhood excellence and growth, the Oakland RiteCare Childhood Language Center’s overarching mission is to help California children develop their full academic potential.

They do this by supporting student and professional education and training for the treatment and prevention of childhood language disorders. With services like Interactive Metronome, Fast ForWord, The Listening Program, and traditional speech and language therapy, kids work with educators to improve their speech and language as well as the development of behavioral, social, and motor skills.  If you or someone you know would like to apply for services at the Oakland RiteCare Childhood Language Center, you can learn more about their eligibility criteria and application process here. Additionally, if you would like to donate to this fantastic organization making a difference in so many children’s lives, you can do so here. Your generous donation will help to purchase intervention licenses, assessment and therapy materials, and help to provide these much-needed services to kids in the community. Please share this article with anyone you feel might be interested in applying or donating, and for more information about the Oakland RiteCare Childhood Language Center, check out their website:


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