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  • Daniel Kodam

Oakland’s White Elephant

We are proud to partner with Oakland’s White Elephant. White Elephant is part of Oakland Museum fundraising arm and takes in vehicle donations regardless if it running, no longer runs, and even if you’re a non-Oakland resident. They accept the vehicles through the who has been serving Oakland residents for the past 9 years. Cars2ndChance created a donation facility for vehicles as well as services to pick up a vehicle from your street or drive away and take it away for free. They take the vehicles and turn them into money so that they can give back to the community through local charities.

The Oakland Museum has over 1.9 million objects inside and is known for creating space and context in order for a greater connection, trust, and understanding between human beings. There are many interesting exhibits, educational programs, and cultural events. White Elephant is focused on helping the community. Every year they the biggest and best rummage sale, The White Elephant Sale, making it a new tradition in the Bay Area. This sale will be one of your memorial sale you’ve attended because it offers a wide variety of treasures for collectors, lovers of the arts and music, and a few other ones of kind pieces you can’t find anywhere else. You can also find things like furniture, sporting goods, fine jewelry, clothing, and anything else you can think of. With this sale, they raise over 2 million dollars which then goes back to support the Oakland Museum which includes the Oakland Museum Women’s Board, Oakland Museum programming and exhibits.

Our partnership with Oakland’s White Elephant is one of a kind and truly unique because it is a non-profit supporting another non-profit by sharing technology.

This shared technology is the small website that you can find at

We help the community by helping the community and give all that we can. We consist of many awesome volunteers which help reduce our administrative overhead. You can receive a tax-deductible when you donate. If you would like to volunteer then please reach out to us, we would love to have you on our team.

We are grateful to have another non-profit in the community to partner with and help further the community members. Thanks, Oakland White Elephant for all that you do. We are happy to be in this partnership and look forward to all the good work that will come out of this.


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