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Tax Deduction 2014 Donate Your Vehicle

Make a vehicle donation before 12/31/14 and receive a tax deduction for 2014. And remember, running or not, we will pick it up. You get the tax deduction and Rotary International charities receive a donation.  Contact us if you have a question! All donations are subject to terms and conditions. Now is a great time to donate that car, boat, RV or motorcycle that is running or not. Donating a vehicle through Cars2ndChance program, operated by Rotary International Sunrise Clayton/Concord Club is a win-win. Many non-profits have much higher overhead than Cars2ndChance. We maintain a very low overhead -- the day-to-day operations are volunteer-led. With a desire to serve our local communities and assist in international aid efforts (see images below), Rotary and the Cars2ndChance program are at the forefront of philanthropic work. You'll see it in our smiles and a genuine show of appreciation for your vehicle donation. And of course, when a vehicle is donated before 12/31/14, you receive a tax deduction for 2014. So, don't wait. Donate today!


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