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Tax Writeoff May Pay for Black Friday Purchases

Tax Write Off For a Donated Vehicle Can Be Significant

Serving the Concord, San Ramon, Clayton, Lamorinda and entire Bay Area for 16 years, Cars2ndChance and Concord/Clayton Sunrise Rotary Club have been providing valuable tax credits when vehicles are donated, running or not. A quick call to 925-360-5260 before 12/31/14 can yield big benefits -- perhaps even pay for the Black Friday shopping you and I did! Our service includes additional benefits including the option of selecting one of many community non-profit organizations that receive 50% of all sale or sale-for-parts. See the list of non-profits supported. Have a question? Our FAQ may have the answer. If not, please give us a call -- we would be happy to help. We're often asked, why Cars2ndChance and not another worthwhile organization that accepts vehicle donations? First, check with the organization to determine how much every dollar goes to overhead. Cars2ndChance overhead is very small -- only the bare necessities to keep the organization running on all cylinders. This means that more of the sale proceeds go to the charities you designate!


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